Cayo Breton Tours

Cayo Breton in Cuba

There are ecotourism tours available to Cayo Breton which include the below activities along with a fantastic boat trip throughout the Jardines de La Reina Archipelago. Please contact us by chat to join one of the special tours.

  • Terrestrial tour (study rock formations, vegetation, reptiles, birds, iguanas, jutías, mollusks), migratory birds (spring migration includes end of February-half of May, peak March-April; fall migration (beginning of August to mid November, peak migration period September-October)
  • Tour to see the American crocodile.
  • SCUBA dive/snorkeling with Caribbean reef sharks & Goliath grouper
  • Drift snorkeling in Pasa Boca Piedra during high tide
  • Snorkeling in patch reefs North of the Cayo
  • Seafari by Boat (Flying fish, whale sharks, tuna, whales, etc)
  • Clean up beach.